Meet the Baja Racing Team from New Jersey Institute of Technology

June 28, 2017 Judy Warner


Baja racing car


Bob Burghart is a Sophomore who is studying Mechanical Engineering at NJIT, and is the leader of the sub-team responsible for electronics designs for their Baja racing car. In the car, there is a main dash system, a data acquisition board, a display board, and front and rear dongles that connect to 20 sensors.


As a kid, Bob had the typical curious mind of a budding engineer--always enjoying taking things apart. By middle and high school he began getting involved in robotics. His high school was fortunate enough to have a 3-D printer with which he helped design and build a fully functioning quad-copter. Once he started at NJIT, he joined the now 40-person SAE Baja Racing team which is overseen by professor and advisor Daniel Brateris. Brateris advises for the electrical engineering department, and is also the Director of Experiential Learning. Altium is very excited to be one of the sponsors to help fund the upcoming Maker Space that is being built out at NJIT.

This year the NJIT Highlander Racing Team has 3 races which are located in California, Illinois, and Kansas. At the time of this writing, NJIT’s team ranked 13th place overall in California, and scored 1st place in the 4-hour endurance race, in their first race of the season. (See video finish here)


As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so enjoy these photos sent to Altium along with a very gracious note thanking us for enabling the NJIT Highlander Baja racing team to compete and succeed. However, the team at Altium are the ones that are thrilled and truly grateful to be part of such a great project that is producing the next generation of innovators.


Congratulations to all!











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