Project Outputs in Altium Designer

In this final section of your evaluation guide, we’ll explore the Altium Designer Output Job Editor, which provides a central location for all of your output configurations. The topics we’ll be covering in this Evaluation Guide include:

  • Creating an Outjob File
  • Adding Specific Reports
  • Configuring the Bill of Materials
  • Configuring Gerber Outputs
  • Running the Output Generators

Find out what this is all about in the discover video then dive into the detailed Learn section where you can watch or follow along with Altium Designer and evaluate for yourself. The Master section provides the option to investigate even more topics for expert users.

Watch this video for an overview of setting up an output job and generating documentation (Best viewed in Fullscreen).

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Creating an Outjob File - EvalQuest - How-To

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Routing Shortcuts - EvalQuest - How-To