David Carmody’s DFM Report Integrating Design and Assembly

May 8, 2018

PCB Design Podcast Announcement by Altium

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Podcast Overview: Do you know your fabricator? Meet David Carmody, Division Manager and CID+ at San Diego PCB Design. As a service bureau, San Diego PCB works on a variety of PCB design projects. Learn why David says, “You gotta know who you’re fabbing with” and how he is using DFM Reports to help customers integrate design and assembly in this episode of The OnTrack Podcast.


Show Highlights:

  • Memorable designs in telecom space and the development board for Dragon II, a SpaceX project, for the capsule they hope to take to Mars
  • Package on packages, dropping the DDR - removing the burden on the designer
  • Palomar advisory program - student programs for learning PCB design
  • San Diego PCB acquired by Milwaukee Electronics, EMS and Engineering Services
  • DFM report - a “stoplight report” for customers before starting build - customers love it and it fixes issues proactively especially with packaging
  • A lot of engineers don’t know the manufacturing side and DFM reports can help with this
  • “You gotta know who you’re fabbing with”
  • Will additive manufacturing processes be the answer? The business model remains to be seen.
  • 3D printing - you can’t print copper (yet)
  • Altium User Groups - have Altium in the title but we don’t run them! We’d love to support.
  • Altium User Group in San Diego is very active and supportive.
  • Advice from a Pro: Always keep learning, it will keep you fresh and make work more fun.
  • PCB design isn’t the only practice David has mastered - he’s a martial artist too


Links and Resources:

David Carmody on Linkedin

San Diego Altium Users Group Website

San Diego PCB

Milwaukee Electronics

Tecate, NM Manufacturing Facility


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