The Square Kilometre Array Telescope and Multi-board PCB Design

April 17, 2018

PCB Design Podcast Announcement by Altium

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Overview: Omer Mahgoub, Electrical Engineer for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Africa talks about the project and shares how he got started in the field of PCB Design. Join Omer and Judy Warner for a conversation on Multi-board PCB design in the context of extremely sensitive devices.


Show Highlights:

  • The goal of the Square Kilomater Array is to be the largest radio telescope in operation.
  • Bigger and more sensitive
  • Project scope - built in South Africa and Australia
  • Meercat is 64 / 25% of project - Phase 1
  • Next phase - Australia 158 low frequency range antennas
  • Multitudes of BGA Fanouts, tight pitches, narrow tracks, etc.
  • Extremely sensitive device, signal integrity is crucial
  • One aspect of project is to develop local economy, so we are working with local manufacturers to improve manufacturing technology. There is a lot of giving back involved in this project.


Links and Resources:

SKA Africa

SKA Africa Telescope

Omer's comedic AltiumLive presentation recording

Omer’s AltiumLive presentation slides

Interview with Omer

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