Altium Designer 17.1: The Latest Version of Intuitive Design Technology is Here

May 15, 2017 Ben Jordan

Altium Designer® 17.1 was tailored specifically for today’s engineer. We understand that industry pressures to build more advanced, more efficient products can oftentimes mean a lag in the technology required to accommodate these demands. Our focus was to address these present-day challenges and fully equip designers with the necessary tools for optimum design.

The pressure is on for you! You have to get to market in less time with more features, in the age of mass customization. We have to up our game too, so this release has been created with you, the modern engineering professional, in mind.

Altium Designer 17.1 is our latest electronics design software that caters to the specific needs of present-day PCB design and electronics engineering professionals, to overcome present-day design challenges. Refocus your energies on cultivating your design, with trusted technology that is fully invested in you, the designer.

This update includes enhanced solutions for routing, design rule error reporting, documentation outputs and more. And as with every release, we’re including bug fixes and performance improvements too. See below for details:

® Enhancements

Measure and dimension design objects with precision with a refined workflow. enhancements in this release make it easy to add new measurements to PCB design objects and datums without limitation, for a more efficient process. The document editor has also had several code optimizations to dramatically improve performance.

Object Specific Keepouts

Avoid manual repositioning and save time by creating object-specific, restricted regions on your board. Altium 17.1 offers full control over object placement to ensure your object types are situated in the designated board regions, and improved data fidelity with keepouts in imported designs.

DRC Flexibility

Selectively suppress DRC warnings and violations when you really do know better. With this feature, you’ll be able to exclude specific DRC errors from future checks to allow work in progress project release in Altium ®, as well as uninhibited editing, without the risks of disabling an entire rule.

These are just a few of the leading features available in Altium 17.1. Learn about everything this new release has to offer on the Altium What’s New page.

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Ben Jordan

Ben is a Computer Systems and PCB Engineer with over 20 years of experience in embedded systems, FPGA, and PCB design. He is an avid tinkerer and is passionate about the creation of electronic devices of all kinds. Ben holds a Bachelor of Engineering (CompSysEng) with First Class Honors from the University of Southern Queensland and is currently Director of Community Tools and Content.

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