Announcements: Altium Vault 2.0

April 12, 2016 Nikolay Ponomarenko

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Altium Vault 2.0. This release represents a big step forward for our collaboration and ECAD data management product family.

Considerable effort has been placed on streamlining the Vault experience as much as possible to make daily work with it more efficient and productive.

  • Integrated SVN services with the Vault. Design repositories can be hosted by Vault server itself, using the Vault to manage access control and broadcast user status.
  • File-less editing of Vault items. Items hosted in the Vault can be edited directly without the need to download, and then release manually.
  • Vault items are now available from the Library panel. Making them fast to browse, search and place in a design.
  • Huge improvements to the CmpLib editor aimed at making it faster and easier to create library components for the Vault.

Alongside these enhancements, we’re adding powerful collaboration and team centric features:

  • Managed Projects. Design teams can collaborate on designs in real time, using predefined project templates and centralized storage.
  • Network Installation Service. Altium Designer Installations and Altium Designer extensions can be managed and deploy from a single, central location.
  • Vault Backup and restoration tools.

With these updates and new features, we’ve decided to simplify the licensing for Altium Vault 2.0 by creating 3 distinct editions aimed at people working with components and libraries, small design workgroups and large enterprise set-ups.

Altium Vault Server and Personal Vault Server

For organisations using the Altium Vault Server (and / or Team Configuration Center) with subscription, we will supply you with an upgrade to relevant Altium Vault 2.0. Please feel free to get in touch with your Sales and Support Center for help with obtaining the upgrade.

For the time being the Personal Vault Server will remain available to subscription customers in its current version through our Legacy products download page. However moving forward there will be no further development.

More information about the Vault can be found on the Altium website: here and Altium Techdocs: here.

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Nikolay Ponomarenko

Nikolay currently serves as a Software Product Manager at Altium where he oversees the complete development lifecycle for Altium Vault. He brings over 5 years of software development experience to the team and graduated from Pre-Azov State Technical University in Mariupol where he studied informatics and applied mathematics.

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