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Page 0 of 2 MANUFACTURING DOCUMENTATION The moment that signals the final stages of the design's development cycle is a crucial one as you hand over your PCB design to manufacturing. It doesn't matter how perfect your design is on paper, or digital domain, any misstep in sending an incomplete documentation package to manufacturing can lead to delaying the release date at best, or to a non-conforming PCB at worst. With Altium Designer® output job, it's easy to generate a complete manufacturing documentation package and include configuration options for Gerber (X, X2), N.C. Drill, IPC-2581, ODB++, IPC-D-356A, 3D PDF, STEP, BOM reports, XML and more. Clear design intent communication to manufacturing is simple with powerful release management and automated documentation tools built into Altium Designer. Reusable Batch Output Configurations With the large variety of output formats Altium Designer can generate for a PCB design, it manages this multitude of outputs through the Output Job File. It's a preconfigured set of outputs, with each output configured with its own setting and its own output format. Output jobs act as an organized, reusable container for all necessary design outputs. Outputs can be written (where applicable) to three types of Output Container - A PDF, a specific format of output file (such as a Gerber file), or a video. You can also dynamically create customized project outputs for design variants linking fabrication and assembly outputs with the latest design source files. Since Altium Designer is able to present output data in a number of different formats, the outputs are managed using an Output Job File. This file is a preconfigured set of outputs; each output can be configured to the particular format the user wants. The Output Job File is an organized and reusable container for all outputs. There are three types of containers: PDF containers, specific format containers (e.g. a Gerber container), and video. You can also dynamically create customized project outputs that incorporate design variants by linking fabrication and assembly outputs with the latest design source files. With an organized release process, output generation gains consistency and accuracy while ensuring you don't use out-of-date design files. The result is conveyance of design intent to the contract manufacturer of the completed design, reduced time to market, first pass manufacturability, and increased design integrity. • Easily generate and release complete design project documentation • Clearly communicate design intent with your manufacturer to avoid ambiguities and errors • Preview how your design will be viewed by your manufacturer before they receive it • Automatically update assembly and fabrication files as changes are made to the design FEATURES AND BENEFITS

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