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Page 0 of 1 • Real-time communication between teams — stop trying to sort through different emails, declutter... • No interchange file formats -- Ensure data integrity by eliminating the need to export and import data • Private and secure collaboration server -- Have a single source of truth between teams, ensuring everyone is working on the most recent revision • Same design environment -- No need to learn a new tool, collaborate without leaving your known/ safe design environment • Drive change from either ECAD or MCAD domain FEATURES AND BENEFITS MCAD COLLABORATION Having two different design teams working together can be tough. You constantly have to share files back and forth, keeping track of what's been sent and what's been received. Not only that, the design data you sent isn't the design data you receive. You're constantly dealing with the file formats of different domains. The worst issues come up when changes have been made and one team continues to work while out of the loop. Problems like these are common and cause frustration and confusion. With the MCAD collaboration tool in Altium Designer®, you no longer have to deal with transferring and managing hundreds of files and emails back and forth on your computer. The MCAD collaboration tool acts as your own personal design management system, allowing each team to comment and update the board and ensuring both teams are up to date with the latest design revision. And since both the mechanical and electrical teams don't have to change either their environment or workflow, productivity is kept at its peak. Mechanical Model Import/Export While Altium Designer has top-notch 3D capabilities and can generate 3D PCBs and 3D components, the reality is today's products are defined by their enclosures or shapes, not by their PCBs. With Altium Designer's support to import realistic accurate mechanical models, designers can work with actual product mechanical enclosures, components models, and unusual shapes that can be dimensionally critical, right into their ECAD 3D PCB editor. This helps knock down the fences that create a connection between the ECAD and MCAD design domains.

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