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Interactive Properties Panel Webinar Recording

January 18, 2019

Interactive Properties Panel Webinar Blog

In case you missed our webinar on the interactive properties panel, don’t worry because you can find all that good information right here, including a recording of the webinar and also the presentation slides. For future webinars if there’s something you’d like to see add it to the comments section below.


Key Takeaways

The Interactive Properties Panel (IPP) was first introduced in Altium Designer 18.The purpose of this change was to give the user all the information they needed in one place. Not only that, we wanted it to be interactive and dynamic, so you can make edits on the fly in every workspace. And because all relevant information is now consolidated into one place, you don’t have to worry about those pesky popup dialogs from before, giving Altium Designer a consistent look and feel.

Selection Filter

The Properties panel has both a pre and post selection functionality, making it easy to highlight, select, and filter exactly what you want. Just as the names suggest the pre-selection filter is used before the selection process while the post selection filter is used after, filtering out what you don’t want and keeping what you do.


Selection Filter For The PCB Workspace

Single vs Multi Document Mode

When working in the schematic or in libraries it's important to note that the properties panel has two different modes, a single document mode and a multi document mode. When in single document mode you are only able to select and manipulate objects on the single sheet you are looking at. When in multi document mode you are able to select and edit objects across multiple pages.


Choose Between Single or Multi Document Mode

Shortcut Key Previews

Altium Designer has many shortcuts to make designing easier, but remembering all the shortcuts can be a challenge at first. Luckily though, the properties panel helps in this regard as well. The properties panel shows you what shortcut to press depending on what action you are performing. But if shortcuts aren’t your thing you can always pause the workspace (press Tab key) and make changes with the mouse.


Shortcut Keys Shown When In The Interactive Routing Action


Dynamic Information Display

The properties panel is a “living” thing, it changes depending on what you’re looking at and have selected. The dynamic nature of the properties panel allows it to be diverse and helpful in different workspaces and situations. Selecting an object will change the properties panel to display the properties of that object. But also if nothing is selected the properties panel will adapt to show the properties of the document.

So if you are in the PCB workspace with nothing selected you will see document sizing options, the number of components or number of polygons and so on. You can even drill down further to component options or polygon options right from the properties panel. Not only will the properties panel show you what you need to know, it will take you where you need to go as well.


Document Options,Via Options, Pad Options (Left,Middle,Right)


Questions & Answers

Q: Where can I find the Grid Manager

A: The grid manager can be found in the properties panel, just make sure you have nothing selected. To clear your selection press SHIFT + C.



Q: Does creating thermal relief connections with the properties panel create a rule?

A: No. When you change the thermal connection style of a pad or via with the properties panel a separate rule is not created.

Q: How do you change the connection style of a pad or via?


Highlight the pad(s) or via(s)

Check the Thermal Relief box

Click on the ellipses

Choose relief connect for the connect style

Configure and press OK

Q: How do you turn on/off the dynamic clearance boundaries when routing?

A: This can be toggled on and off in the properties panel while you are routing. The routing action must be active before this option appears.



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