Announcements: Altium Designer 15.0

Nikolay Ponomarenko
|  Created: February 21, 2017  |  Updated: September 25, 2020

Altium’s Development Team is pleased to announce new major release of Altium Designer® 15.0.

What’s New?

xSignals® -  For High Speed PCB Design and Length Tuning

We are happy to present one of the key features of this release - . This feature specifically targets precise length measurements between two pins, including cases with intermediate components, and T-junctions.

2014-11-17 09_02_54-Altium  (15.0) - C__Samples__Projects_FreeScale_freescale test.PcbDoc _ .png

New Output File Formats and IDX

This release also brings three new formats for PCB export and manufacturing - Gerber X2, IPC-2581 and ProStep EDMD (*.idx).

What Else?

Other improvements:

  • Different Solder Mask Expansion for Top and Bottom Layers
  • Polygon Enhancements
  • OLE Object Embedding in PCB Documents
  • Support for Rectangular Pad Holes
  • Separate 2D & 3D View Orientations
  • Ability to Control Parameter Visibility on Placement for Components

See What's New to find out about all the feature highlights.

See Release Notes for a complete listing of all the bug fixes and enhancements.

Accessing the Update

Altium 15.0 is a major update with a new installer that must be downloaded from the link below. Updating from within Altium 14 and earlier versions is not possible, but you have the choice to have Altium 15.0 installed side-by-side with earlier versions, and use the one that best suits your needs.  The new installer can be downloaded from the Altium Download page.

Download Altium 15.0 Installer

A new Offline Installer is also available, please contact your local Altium office or Value Added Reseller to request details.

About Author

About Author

Nikolay currently serves as a Software Product Manager at Altium where he oversees the complete development lifecycle for Altium Vault. He brings over 5 years of software development experience to the team and graduated from Pre-Azov State Technical University in Mariupol where he studied informatics and applied mathematics.

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