The Main Advantages when using Draftsman to Create an Assembly Drawing

Created: November 3, 2021
Updated: November 12, 2021

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Automation of manufacturing processes has dramatically simplified the fabrication and assembly of electronic products. However, it is almost impossible to assemble a PCB without a drawing. A manufacturer will definitely require an assembly drawing.

Use of a Draftsman document brings an elegant, yet powerful solution when creating the drawings you need for assembly. Draftsman has been designed for creating documentation specifically for PCBs. Its features and user interface facilitate generation of documentation quickly and easily. Component-only board views, components and layout views, sections, detailed views, a BOM table, and so much more can be generated in a matter of clicks.

Despite the focused specialization of a Draftsman document, it has the professional features typical of MCAD tools. You can create a professional drawing in no time and with simplistic ease! The document is linked to the design, so you don't have to worry about correcting the drawing manually when you change the project. Modifications made to the PCB can be transferred to the Draftsman document with a single click!

To show you the advantages involved, we have created a single Draftsman document that highlights the features and functionality available to you when creating an assembly drawing. The image below reflects that document for your convenience.

assembly drawing cheatsheet

You can learn more about Draftsman Documents here by watching the short videos we have prepared.

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