The Main Advantages when using Draftsman to Create a Component Mounting Drawing

Created: November 3, 2021
Updated: January 7, 2022

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Quite often, a standard assembly drawing is not enough to ensure the quality of a PCB assembly, especially when designing high-density boards. It would also be helpful to include additional detailing for simpler devices. Manufacturing and inspection services also need a clear understanding of which components are being used in a design and where those parts are located.

Use of a Draftsman document brings an elegant, yet powerful solution to make these tasks easier. You can quickly create a PCB view with a specific component type or functional part. The assembly department will have a clear understanding of where that component must be mounted, and it's easy for the inspection service to verify this. All views can be created in a few clicks!

To show you the advantages involved, we have created a single Draftsman document that highlights the features and functionality available to you when creating a component mounting drawing. The image below reflects that document for your convenience.

component mounting drawing cheatsheet

You can learn more about Draftsman Documents here by watching the short videos we have prepared.

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