The Main Advantages when using Draftsman to Create an Order Form

Created: November 3, 2021
Updated: November 12, 2021

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When manufacturing a PCB, it is not enough to provide the manufacturer with layout, drilling data and drawings alone. The manufacturer requires an order form that contains all of the basic parameters of your PCB.

Use of a Draftsman document brings an elegant, yet powerful solution for creating such a form quickly and easily. Everything you need for creating your order form - including PCB parameters, drilling and impedance tables, and PCB stackup layers - can be placed in a matter of clicks. With Draftsman, you’ll have a detailed order form to pass to your manufacturer, along with all other necessary data, in no time!

To show you the advantages involved, we have created a single Draftsman document that highlights the features and functionality available to you when creating an order form. The image below reflects that document for your convenience.

creating order form cheatsheet


You can learn more about Draftsman Documents here by watching the short videos we have prepared.

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