How to Solve All of Your High-Speed Design Problems in Only One Week

April 12, 2016 Derrick Lewis

High-speed design is no longer reserved for supercomputer engineers. Join Lee Ritchey and Altium in November for an entire week of dedicated training and learn how to solve all of your high-speed design problems.


Engineers are in a tough spot when it comes to meeting the demands of high-speed PCB design. On one hand, there are the many technical constraints to consider that naturally arise as clock rates and component speeds continue to increase. On the other hand is the ever-present business pressure to meet delivery dates and control respin costs by getting designs done right the first time.

If there’s one thing that’s clear from all of this, it’s that high-speed design is no longer reserved for only supercomputer engineers. Technology has become more accessible, we’re squeezing more into less, and many engineers are wondering how they can ever successfully navigate the complexities of high-speed PCB design. Is there anyone out there that can help us?

There is one man, you might have heard of him. His name is Lee Ritchey.

The Master of High-Speed Design

Lee Ritchey is considered one of the industry’s leading authorities on high-speed PCB and system design. He’s worked on more than 1,000 high-speed PCBs ranging from motherboards to elevator controllers and the backplanes used in terabit routers. Some of Lee’s accomplishments in the PCB design industry includes:

  • Serving as a Program Manager at 3Com Corporation where he managed a corporate-wide signal integrity group responsible for the design rules to develop high-performance networking equipment including routers and switches.
  • Co-founder of Shared Resources, a design services company specializing in the design of high-end supercomputers, work stations and imaging products.
  • Contributing columnist to the EE Times where he has written many articles on high-speed design for trade publications including EDN, Circuittree, and PC Design.

In short, Lee Ritchey is the high-speed PCB design expert, and he wants to share his knowledge at High-Speed Design Week in November.

Join Lee Ritchey at High-Speed Design Week

In November we’ll be teaming up with Lee to offer an entire week of dedicated high-speed design training. This is the perfect opportunity for any and all PCB designers to spend an entire week picking the brain of the master of high-speed design while soaking up his lifetime of experience. Do you ever find yourself struggling with:

  • Ground and Power bounce due to your IC routing?
  • Keeping parasitics to a minimum?
  • Board re-spins due to EMI issues?

If so, then it’s time to master your high-speed design process with Lee Ritchey at High-Speed Design Week in San Diego, California.

Learn more about High-Speed Design Week with Lee Ritchey.

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