Where Will the Next Generation of PCB Designers Come From? OnTrack Newsletter August 2017

September 15, 2017 Judy Warner
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On Track Newsletter
August 2017 VOL. 1 No 5

Welcome to the August edition of Altium’s On Track Newsletter. It seems like every electronics industry event where PCB designers gather, the conversation inevitably drifts to questions about where the next generation of PCB designers are going to come from. The old guard is retiring, yet their replacements don’t appear to be filling the vacancies they leave behind. From my perspective, I see many ways new PCB designers are emerging, but rather than present my case, I’d like to introduce you to Nicole Pacino--a very talented young designer featured in our Next Gen Designers feature.

In this month’s On Track video series, Chris Carlson presents PCB Design Process in a Nutshell.

As Altium® continues to mature as an organization, we understand we must be part of the solution to raise up the next generation of designers as well as continually equip current PCB designers. One exciting way we’ve decided to do this is to create a new yearly 2-day event called AltiumLive 2017: ANNUAL PCB DESIGN SUMMIT, coming this October. Read below about the great lineup we have planned for you of industry luminaries, fellow designers, and a series of robust professional development courses. Reserve your spot soon, space is limited!

Enjoy and stay On Track!

Judy M. Warner
Director of Community Engagement
Highlighting Exceptional Next Gen PCB Designers
With the median age of today’s PCB designer being 48 years old, it’s always refreshing and encouraging to see a young designer sprout up amongst the design community ranks. One such young designer is Nicole Pacino of San Diego PCB. Nicole is the daughter of Mike Creeden, founder of San Diego PCB, who is also an IPC Master Trainer and IPC Designer’s Council executive board member. As you can imagine, Nicole was exposed to PCB Design at a very young age. Fortunately for the industry, her passion and design skills are not only growing—they’re downright impressive. Enjoy the recent conversation I had with Nicole at San Diego PCB.
Maker Space
A PCB Design Summit--for Designers, by Designers
Coming to North America and Europe this fall, Altium is hosting a new annual design conference featuring world-class thought leaders and fellow PCB design innovators.The 2-day events will be held in San Diego and Munich, and will be packed with highly relevant presentations and courses for design professionals...presented by design professionals. We will also feature presentations from industry icons such as Lee Ritchey and Happy Holden. Furthermore, rigorous professional development courses are guaranteed to significantly expand your design knowledge and enhance your skills. Click below for full details on this groundbreaking summit and how you can be part of the exciting inaugural event.
Featured Blog/Video
PCB Design Process in a Nutshell
Chris Carlson gives an overview of the process flow of PCB design.
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About the Author

Judy Warner

Judy Warner has held a unique variety of roles in the electronics industry since 1984. She has a deep background in PCB Manufacturing, RF and Microwave PCBs and Contract Manufacturing with a focus on Mil/Aero applications in technical sales and marketing.

She has been a writer, contributor and journalist for several industry publications such as Microwave Journal, The PCB Magazine, The PCB Design Magazine, PDCF&A and IEEE Microwave Magazine and is an active member of multiple IPC Designers Council chapters.

In March 2017, Warner became the Director of Community Engagement for Altium and immediately launched Altium’s OnTrack Newsletter.
She led the launch of AltiumLive: Annual PCB Design Summit, a new and annual Altium User Conference.

Judy's passion is to provide resources, support and to advocate for PCB Designers around the world.

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