SMTA for Young Professionals

July 24, 2019

The SMTA is an international non-profit with chapters across the world in the US, Canada, Mexico, India, Europe, Brazil, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Since it’s invention in the 1960’s; Surface Mount Technology has helped reduce waste, reduce consumer costs, and most importantly, reduce environmental impact.

This industry is creative and inventive. Everything we touch has been engineered. Our industry leaders shape the world around us. 

Our goal as an association is to build this community of leaders, to preserve our knowledge-base, and to facilitate flourishing careers. Our Young Professionals make a difference and are crucial to the success of this industry. They are vital to our industry.

This prompted us to create our new Young Professionals Benefits eBook. Our industry is realizing that if we want to retain quality professionals, we have to offer people something they can use now. The industry standard has been swaying toward the implementation of soft-skills and comprehensive education for quite some time. While technical understanding and education remains the core of our industry, many are starting to recognize a better long-term strategy in focusing on development and training in soft-skills, to recruit and retain candidates.

In our new Benefits eBook, you will find resources for career management, networking, resume building, job searching, technical paper writing and more. Most importantly, we’ve included over 40 direct HR contacts of corporate member companies, that are ready to help facilitate job/internship pairings, as well as help grow new industry member’s professional networks.

To find out more about this resource, please visit:, or email

SMTA is looking toward the future of our technology; thank you for being a part of that future.

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