The Power of Assistive Technologies & Design for Assembly OnTrack Newsletter - June 2018

June 21, 2018 Judy Warner
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OnTrack Newsletter
June 2018 VOL. 2 No 3

Welcome to the June edition of the Altium OnTrack newsletter!

In this edition, you will be both impressed and inspired by some very young innovators who are profoundly changing people’s lives by designing and building medical assistive devices. In Design Like a Girl, you will meet Mary Elizabeth McCulloch and learn about her speech-generation device startup, Project Vive. In Makerspace, you’ll read about Dutch students at Delft Technical University and Project March who are making exoskeletons that help paraplegics not only walk but compete in Cybathlon events.

In the OnTrack video series, David Marrakchi discusses design for assembly best practices. As usual, you’ll find lots of stimulating Brain Food and a bit of Regional News to keep you up to date.

The OnTrack Podcast continues to grow rapidly and features outstanding guests every week, so please listen in, subscribe, and comment.

Finally, AltiumLive 2018: Annual PCB Design Summit registration is officially open! Please join us for a jam-packed two or three days of teaching, training, resources, and networking. Space is limited so register early.

Enjoy and always...stay OnTrack!
Judy M. Warner
Director of Community Engagement
Celebrating Exceptional Women Engineers and Designers
Mary Elizabeth McCulloch studied biomedical engineering at Penn State University. Having been inspired by Ecuadorian orphans with cerebral palsy that had lost their voices, she decided to put her engineering skills to work to develop a low-cost speech generation device. Since then, the Voz Box has won multiple awards and McCulloch has launched a startup called Project Vive with the intent of giving “voices” to people with ALS, cerebral palsy and advanced Parkinson’s disease around the world.
Design for Assembly
David Marrakchi shares best practices for design for assembly success.

About the Author

Judy Warner

Judy Warner has held a unique variety of roles in the electronics industry since 1984. She has a deep background in PCB Manufacturing, RF and Microwave PCBs and Contract Manufacturing with a focus on Mil/Aero applications in technical sales and marketing.

She has been a writer, contributor and journalist for several industry publications such as Microwave Journal, The PCB Magazine, The PCB Design Magazine, PDCF&A and IEEE Microwave Magazine and is an active member of multiple IPC Designers Council chapters.

In March 2017, Warner became the Director of Community Engagement for Altium and immediately launched Altium’s OnTrack Newsletter.
She led the launch of AltiumLive: Annual PCB Design Summit, a new and annual Altium User Conference.

Judy's passion is to provide resources, support and to advocate for PCB Designers around the world.

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