Sobre el autor / Sobre la autora

Aljaž Titorić

Aljaž is an electronics engineer whose professional background spans hardware design, multilayer PCB design, mechanical engineering, and 3D printing and prototyping. He refined his knowledge while working in multiple industries and markets on products for data encryption devices, dental testing and repair equipment, and embedded software and hardware analyzer tools.

Aljaž spends his nights acquiring new knowledge and working on projects which he then documents on social media platforms. To achieve his goal of bringing engineers together and broadening their collective knowledge through mutual support and instruction, he founded a successful Hardware Meetup group in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is working to do the same with Electronics/Hardware Talks Meetup group in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Currently, he is based in Eindhoven, where he is working on high voltage power supplies in photolithography machinery in his role as a hardware design engineer.