About Author

Carl Schattke

Carl Schattke, CID+ likes sharing the PCB Design skills he’s worked on for the last 44 years.He’s been fortunate to work on several thousand circuit boards supporting all types of industries. He ran TLC design a PCB design service bureau for ten years supporting over a 100 clients. At ASIC Designs he designed Modems, Notebook computers, PDA’s, and many embedded systems.

Carl designed reconfigurable memory cards for startup Nuron that was acquired by Intel. At Intel Carl moved from the Network Equipment division to Sort Test Engineering where he designed bare wafer sort test solutions. In his current role he designs computers, controllers, sensors, power electronics, and high speed communication systems. He’s also been active as a PCB Design consultant working on a wide variety of other projects. Outside interests include martial arts, cycling, music and family activities with his wife and four children.