About Author

Dorian Simpson

Dorian Simpson, the Managing Director at Agile PD Pros, brings a dynamic approach to enhancing product development capabilities in companies ranging from innovative startups to leading Fortune 500 tech firms. His expertise lies in embedding agility within these organizations, enabling them to define and deliver high-value solutions at an accelerated pace. Additionally, Dorian is the Director at MAHD Framework LLC and has made significant contributions to the field as the co-founder of the Modified Agile for Hardware Development Framework.
Before stepping into the consulting realm, Dorian held senior roles at Motorola, AT&T, and other tech firms covering engineering, product management, sales, and marketing. He holds a BSEE and an MBA, blending technical knowledge with business acumen, and is the author of “The Savvy Corporate Innovator: Key Strategies to Get Your Big Idea Funded in 30 Days.” Dorian's diverse background allows him to offer a unique perspective on navigating and solving complex cross-functional challenges in the tech industry.