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Thomas Bewley

Hi John, here is the bio for Thomas Bewley Prof Thomas R Bewley (BS/MS, Caltech, 1989; diploma, von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, 1990; PhD, Stanford, 1998) directs the UCSD Flow Control and Coordinated Robotics Labs. The Flow Control Lab investigates a host of questions ranging from theoretical to applied, including the development of advanced analysis tools and numerical methods to better understand, optimize, estimate, forecast, and control fluid systems. The Coordinated Robotics Lab investigates the mobility and coordination of small multi-modal robotic vehicles, leveraging dynamic models and feedback control, with prototypes built using cellphone-grade electronics, custom PCBs, and 3D printing; the team has also worked with a number of commercial partners to design and bring successful consumer and educational-focused robotics products to market. The two labs collaborate closely on a variety of interdisciplinary projects, including the coordination of tethered balloons near cliffs, untethered balloons in hurricanes, and the adaptive deployment of sensor vehicles in environmental plumes.