Dan Beeker Industry Keynote: Electromagnetic Fields for Normal Folks

Daniel Beeker
|  Created: January 16, 2019  |  Updated: March 16, 2020

It’s All About the Space! Basic principles of electromagnetic fields, presented in easy to understand language with plenty of diagrams. Discover how understanding EM field behavior allows you to design more robust PCBs with better EMC performance. This is not rocket science, but an easy to understand discussion of how to use PCB geometry to control the fields.

This session will, after an introduction to EM field behavior, describe several effective methods for designing the spaces which are used to deliver power on a PCB. These methods are driven by considerations for how fast the switches are changing states, and the geometry of the spaces and placement of components to properly deliver energy to prevent EMC and signal integrity issues.


View Dan Beeker's presentation slides or watch clips from the keynote below:


The Unsung Heroes Of The Industry


Dan Beeker On Getting EMC Right The First Time


Dan Beeker: It's All About The Space


Dan Beeker On Designing With Space In Mind


Connecting Electromagnetic Field Science To Circuit Theory


Is It Volts And Amperes Or Electric And Magnetic Fields?


Dan Beeker On Electromagnetic Field Energy


Dan Beeker On Current Flow And The Speed Of Electromagnetic Energy


Dan Beeker On The Myths We Depended On


Dan Beeker On The Behaviour Of Fields


Dan Beeker On Fields And Traces Over A PCB


Dan Beeker On Energy Management And The Rules Of Triplets


Dan Beeker On Inductors And Capacitors


Dan Beeker On Wave Reflection


Switching Frequency vs Lumped Distance


Dan Beeker Shares One of His Charts


Dan Beeker: Fundamentals To Remember


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About Author

About Author

With more than 42 years of experience in electronic system design and EMC, Daniel Beeker provides applications support for NXP customers globally with special function development tools and instrumentation (almost all of the "LFxxx" tools on the NXP website). Daniel also specializes in EMC and signal integrity design techniques for systems and PCBs, especially in low layer count designs. He has completed more than 200 PCB design evaluations for customers and internal NXP products. He teaches field based design techniques at NXP and industry conferences worldwide; more than 100 sessions with more than 5000 attendees since 2010. Daniel is also involved with NXP IC package design and IC development tool teams to support improved EMC performance, working on more than 20 IC designs.

Daniel was the first recipient of UBM Publishing’s 2017 Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Award as the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Speaker of the Year.

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