Explore Concord Pro With Altium’s Chief Software Architect

Created: November 20, 2019
Updated: March 16, 2020

Altium Concord Pro as a standalone product and brand name has been discontinued and the capabilities are now available as part of our Altium enterprise solutions. Learn more here.

The very mention of component management can stir up unwanted memories of fatal error footprints on PCBs and other “fixed” problems that magically re-appeared in your designs. These problems are amplified with additional stakeholders, such as other electronic engineers and MCAD designers, to the point of causing huge problems. A decade of R&D with constant feedback from you, our users, has allowed us to mitigate and eliminate many of the risks of component management. Concord Pro replaces that pre-design release anxiety with an experience that will really change the way you think about components and MCAD / ECAD collaboration.


How to get up and running in just a few minutes

Maintain a Single Source of Truth for your component data

Component creation with the manufacturer search panel and single component editor Component lifecycle management with validation

Augment your data with pricing, availability, technical parameters and more

Bi-directional design data exchange and commenting with MCAD environments

There are two options to host Concord Pro: on-premises and on the Altium 365 cloud platform. In this webinar, we will showcase the cloud hosting option, and discuss the key differences between hosting on-premises and on Altium 365.

Register for your evaluation at: https://www.altium.com/concord#request-evaluation

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