Jason Howie

Jason Howie is the Head of Technical Writing at Altium. He brings a wealth of technical writing experience and can often be heard rattling the keyboard into the early hours. Prior to joining Altium in May 2000, Jason spent just over 4 years at the Joint European Torus in Oxfordshire, UK, as part of the Machine Instrumentation & Protection Systems.

  • Announcements: Techdocs - a new era for Altium’s technical documentation

    Announcements: Techdocs - a new era for Altium’s technical documentation

    In conjunction with the release of Altium Designer 14, Altium is pleased to herald the arrival of a new home for its technical documentation - techdocs.altium.com.This represents a significant...

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  • Reducing Metastability in FPGA Designs

    Reducing Metastability in FPGA Designs

    Here, we take a look at the concept of metastability in regards to digital circuits – and therefore FPGA designs – and how its 'appearance' can be greatly reduced simply by adhering to proven...

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  • AltiumLive - FAQs

    AltiumLive - FAQs

    Your AltiumLive questions - answered!The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, the answers for which are all aimed at getting you up-and-running with AltiumLive. OK, I'll ask it....

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  • Altium Vault Technology - A Foundation for the Management of Design Data

    A look at Altium's new Vault Technology from the perspective of a tech writer in the trenches! A standalone solution, this technology provides a key foundation element, arguably the backbone, of...

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