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Alexey Nutrikhin

Nutrikhin Aleksej Svyatoslavovich is a designer of engineering systems and their components. In 1994 when he was a student, he worked as a radio engineer, and after graduating from the Electrical Engineering University, he worked as a technical director in a radio communications company.  He has extensive experience in matters of equipment usage as part of electrical-engineering systems, which he gained by designing and organizing their constructions. His understanding of the complete life cycle of technical systems, his extensive experience in communicating with people of different knowledge level helps him to explain complex processes, phenomena and their causes in simple language.

He has been working for a long time on the development of power electronics devices and high-speed superlinear systems, where high-quality results require preliminary mathematical simulation. As a result he began to study different kinds of software for simulation of electronic circuits - simulators, and he also became an expert in their practical application. With Altium Designer it becomes possible to provide such a tool as Altium Designer - Mixed Simulation, and that is why Alexey takes an active part in its development.