About Author

Kamil Jasiński

Kamil is an electronics engineer whose passion for the field began as a hobby. He initially pursued studies in Automation and Robotics, during which time he actively engaged with a science club as an electronics enthusiast. This involvement led him to contribute to his first space project, developed for a program organized by the European Space Agency.

After completing his initial studies, Kamil ventured into the medical industry and technical sales, gaining valuable experience. However, his passion for space drew him back to his roots. Now, with a Master’s degree in electronics engineering, Kamil is professionally involved in the space industry. He participated in robotic solutions project and scientific instruments.

In addition to his expertise in hardware, Kamil has also cultivated skills in software development. He has acquiring knowledge in embedded systems and high-level scripting languages such as Python. Kamil firmly believes that every workflow can be improved, and he is constantly seeking innovative solutions to automate the design and testing of electronic systems