Alun Morgan Industry Keynote: PCB Base Material Properties and Developments

Alun Morgan
|  Created: January 16, 2019  |  Updated: March 16, 2020

This presentation details the development of high reliability base materials for PCBs with a focus on thermal performance, reliability and signal integrity. Classification by application as a method of substrate selection will be explored. This methodology gives the designer the flexibility to select the appropriate substrate for an application without over engineering performance that is neither required nor can be afforded. The presentation includes a straightforward guide to the PCB substrate manufacturing process emphasizing the impact of resin chemistry, material reinforcement and copper foil properties on substrate performance.


View Alun Morgan's presentation slides or clips from his keynote below: 


Alun Morgan On PCB Base Materials


Alun Morgan On PCB Base Material Reinforcements


Resin/Reinforcement Selection Considerations


Alun Morgan On The PCB Base Material Production Process


Alun Morgan On Thermoplastics, Thermosets, And Epoxy Resin


Alun Morgan On Epoxy Curing Chemistry


What Is Glass Transition Temperature?


The Effect Of Structure On Glass Transition Temperature


Alun Morgan On Lead-free Soldering


The Influence Of TG And Fillers On Thermal Expansion


Alun Morgan On Glass Fibre Production


Alun Morgan On The Effect Of Filament Distribution Inside Glass Fabrics


Alun Morgan On The Impedance Triangle


Alun Morgan On Electrical Loss And Dipole Moment


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About Author

About Author

Alun Morgan is Technology Ambassador for Ventec International Group as well as the Chairman of The European Institute for the PCB Community, EIPC. He also holds the posts of Director and Trustee of the charity Scottish Autism.

Alun began his career as a Research Investigator at the Institute of Physics’ Fulmer Research Institute in the UK.

After serving as Technical Manager of a PCB manufacturer he joined the PCB materials supplier MAS Electronics going on to become UK General Manager. Following the acquisition of MAS by Isola he joined the Isola management team serving as a Director and Corporate Vice-President of Operations and Engineering of the Isola Group Worldwide.

Alun holds a B.Sc. Honours degree in Metallurgy from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Surrey, is an Associate of the University of Surrey and a Fellow of the Institute of Circuit Technology.

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