Collaborative PCB Design

Created: January 15, 2018
Updated: March 20, 2020
Collaborative Design

PCB Design is a complex field and every step you take to design and develop a board has its own set of best practices. But what will truly move the needle in your design process?

Collaborative tools that keep your team not only focused but in the flow. 

Altium has pioneered collaborative design for EDA tools because Altium PCB design tools start each iteration with ultimate productivity in mind. Join us in an exploration of collaborative PCB design and get an inside look at what has made Altium Designer the designer's EDA tool right from the very start. 

Click the PDF above to read more about Collaborative Design in this presentation. Or read the original, full-length content here:


Check out the Collaborative Design Ebook for a more detailed and downloadable version of this material.

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