Altium Designer 21: A Better Way To Design

Altium Designer
|  Created: December 29, 2020

The design process often requires repetitive work with tedious tasks. Altium Designer 21 represents a better way to design by revitalizing long standing functionality and improving the user experience, as well as performance and stability, based on the feedback from our users. These improvements streamline existing design tasks and empower you to complete sophisticated rigid and rigid-flex designs with realistic 3D modeling. In addition, Altium 365® continues to play an increasingly significant role with the newest release of Altium Designer. Come take a look.

Join us to learn some of the ways Altium Designer 21 delivers a better way to design:

  • SPICE Simulation Enhancements

  • Rigid-Flex Design: Board Planning & Layerstack Definition

  • High-speed Design: Trombone & Sawtooth Tuning

  • Schematic Improvements: Generic Components & Net Properties

  • Altium 365: Project History, Conflict Prevention, and Comments

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About Author

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