What is High-Speed Design?

Created: June 16, 2020

The primary source of high-speed problems is not due to high clock frequency but rather the fast rise and fall times of component signals. With fast edge rates, reflections may occur at the receiver side, and when the board routing is dense, crosstalk may become a problem. During this webinar, you'll sharpen your knowledge and develop new skills that you can use to design High-Speed PCB's more efficiently and effectively. We'll cover critical concepts like Impedance, Reflections, Crosstalk, Edge Rate, and more! The practical elements covered will also allow you to put into practice what you learn immediately.

Here are some key points you can expect to walk away with:

  • When should a signal be treated as “high-speed”?

  • How do Reflections, Crosstalk, and Impedance influence design decisions?

  • How to perform Signal Integrity Analysis.

  • How to perform Crosstalk analysis.

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