Altium Roadshow 2022 Australia & New Zealand - Day 2

Created: February 24, 2022
Updated: November 29, 2023

Watch the recording from Altium Roadshow 2022 Australia & New Zealand - Day 2. Our technical team goes in-depth on new and exciting features of Altium Designer 22. Topics include Best Practices, Documentation for Fab & Assembly, and MCAD Collaboration.

This video covers;

  • Altium Designer Best Practices (Part 1)

This session will review the benefits of organizing schematic design into a hierarchical top-down or bottom-up structure and the impact schematic directives and PCB planning have on PCB layout. In addition, the session will address the hazards of creating classes in the PCB rather than in the schematic.

  • Altium Designer Best Practices (Part 2)

This session will cover best practices of using the schematic to convey design intent using net classes and rules. Attendees will also learn to build complex design rules using priorities and classes for components, rules, and nets. The session will also highlight file generation for a design’s release to manufacturing (Fabrication and Assembly), including ActiveBOM, Draftsman, Pick and Place, PCB fab files with Output Jobs, and the Altium 365 Workspace ‘Release to Manufacturing capability.

  • Documenting for Fab & Assembly

This session will take a deep dive into Draftsman's capabilities utilizing templates and custom documents while also looking at the top items your fabricator, assembler, or manufacturer would like to see in these drawings.

  • Design Team & MCAD Collaboration

Learn how Altium 365 will improve your design process with team design collaboration, MCAD interaction, design development review, project history, commenting, and task tracking.

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