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ECAD-MCAD CoDesign with Altium 365

Created: November 16, 2022
Updated: November 26, 2023

Altium MCAD CoDesigner allows for seamless collaboration between electrical and mechanical domains. A built-in panel, displayed in Altium Designer and your mechanical CAD, allows engineers to push and pull changes with a mouse click. You no longer need to export and import DXF, STEP or IDF/IDX files. Altium MCAD CoDesigner analyzes any modifications introduced to the design files on either side and syncs only what changed. Altium 365 platform powers the data exchange between the electrical and mechanical CADs with the history of changes and associated comments preserved and visible to all parties. 

This conceptually different approach to ECAD-MCAD integration cuts the time it takes to pass over the changes between the two domains from hours to minutes while maintaining all the detailed data, model trees, and constraints during transfer.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Show how to install the MCAD CoDesigner add-on.
  2. Add Project to Altium 365, and share it with the mechanical engineer (in Altium Designer).
  3. Modify the Board outline based on Enclosure for Fitment purposes (in the mechanical tool).
  4. Add Holes, Cutouts, Board Constraints, and Move Components (mechanical tool).
  5. Show Modifications, Add Tracks, and Vias (in the Altium Designer tool).
  6. Enable Copper and Vias to verify data (in the mechanical tool).
  7. Release Project for Manufacturing (in Altium Designer).
  8. Show Comments, Supply Chain, and History (in Altium Designer).

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