ECAD-MCAD Collaboration for Improved Product Development

Created: November 27, 2023

Working between the Electronic and Mechanical design domains brings unique challenges. ECAD and MCAD tools have different design objectives and have evolved down different paths, and so has the way they store and manage their design and project data.

Today's designs of small and complex product enclosures that house multiple, irregular-shaped printed circuit boards (PCB), demand that this challenge be solved. To successfully design these products, the designers must fluidly pass design changes back and forth between the ECAD and MCAD domains beyond outdated file exchanges.

Join us for this short live webinar and see:

  • ECAD/MCAD Collaboration on the same revision of the same project - seamlessly
  • Leave comments for other design teams
  • Review, Approve or Reject design changes from your mechanical engineer

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