Getting Started with Design Rules and Constraints

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|  Created: June 10, 2021  |  Updated: February 17, 2022

Getting started with design rules can sometimes be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. A proper structure is key to managing a lot of data, and with many designs having hundreds of rules and constraints attached to them, organization is a must. 

Altium Designer has added a new design rules user interface along with a new way to define rules, while not compromising past methods. Now, rules and constraints have a design centric view rather than a rules centric view which allows for easier visualization and is less prone to error. 

Watch this video to learn how you can best utilize the improved Rules 2.0 design rule interface. We’ll cover:

  • The new design rule interface

  • Advanced and basic rules

  • The scope library

  • Design rule cross-probing

  • Design rule validation

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