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Help Ensure The Best Designs With Component Management

Created: October 14, 2021
Updated: November 29, 2023

There are many aspects to designing a PCB. One of the larger aspects has to do with managing your components. We all need components for our designs, but are those components in our library and designs up-to-date or even purchasable? These questions need to be answered before we can safely use them. If not, we could just be wasting our time designing with invalid components. Altium Designer has several tools to help you manage the components in your libraries and designs. You can determine if the components you’re using in your designs are safe to send off to production.

Join our webinar to learn about:

  • How to use templates to create company compliant components

  • What a managed component is

  • Object life cycles

  • Migrating to the latest Library Management System

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