New Product Overview: Altium Concord Pro

David Haboud
|  Created: June 27, 2019  |  Updated: March 16, 2020

Altium Concord Pro as a standalone product and brand name has been discontinued and the capabilities are now available as part of our Altium enterprise solutions. Learn more here

There are many risks if your library and component data are not managed efficiently and effectively. Inefficiency occurs when multiple users define and create components in their own way or style often leading to redundant component definitions being used across multiple libraries. You can end up with inaccurate and incomplete component data and a lack of visibility into component status without a standardized parameter list or naming convention for all components. Altium Concord Pro is a complete system for component management that integrates into your workflow to minimize those risks and manual efforts.

Watch the recording of our live demo to explore the following topics:

  • Product Development Overview and Insights
  • Dedicated Access to a Single Source of Truth for all Component Data
  • Make Informed Component Usage Decisions
  • Standardized Component Categories and Parameters
  • External and Internal Statues
  • Bi-directional Design Data Exchange with MCAD Environments

About Author

About Author

David Haboud is a Product Marketing Engineer at Altium. He studied electrical engineering with an emphasis in computer architecture and hardware/software design at the University of Southern California. David began his career as an embedded software engineer in the aerospace industry and has always strived to make it easier for hardware and software engineers to communicate. During his tenure as an embedded software engineer, he focused on firmware development and data acquisition for auxiliary power units. In his spare time, David hosts and performs in improvisational and stand-up comedy nights in San Diego, California.

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