Commodore 128 Principal Engineer, Bil Herd on Best Practices for Learning a New CAD Tool

June 19, 2018 Judy Warner


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Bil Herd shares stories and design wisdom from years of experience as a hardware engineer, most famously at Commodore. He started out self-taught, then Bil accidentally started working around people even more brilliant than him and some of it rubbed off a little. Learn about his interesting journey from TV repair to Commodore, Hackaday and beyond. Today, Bil is self-employed and focused on networks, high-level architecture consulting and hardware projects.




Show Highlights:

  • I never forgot how to do hardware design. It’s fun to be able to do that. I’m working on an Altium project right now.
  • You get to be imaginative for a couple days, and then you spend the next couple months paying for it looking at every single line item, every footprint and trying to catch where your brain was wrong.
  • Commodore Hardware lab, splitting bus for video and hired to lead the team shortly after.
  • Going after a swag bag offered by Adafruit from an MIT Open hardware conference resulted in a video series with Hackaday
  • Almost all the errors I’ve made in CAD systems were related to parts I’ve made. For parts and footprints - you need to have someone check your work.
  • To start a new CAD system - make a trash board, force yourself through.
  • Process to start learning a new CAD system: Open CAD > Get Overwhelmed > DRINK
  • Making a board on a new CAD tool. First I make a trash board knowing I won’t use it. Then make a real board, using all the rules.
  • Find a mentor and mentor others.
  • What is the wire? C128 board.
  • 100% pass rate fixing the z80 on the C128 with burnt retinas and a wire.
  • Adding wire to boards, no EMS provider today would do that.


Links and Resources:

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8 Bit Generation Documentary



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