Flex and Material Sets with Chris Hunrath

June 12, 2018 Judy Warner

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Overview: The rise in flex applications across all industries from medical to automotive, aerospace and military uses means more opportunity for material suppliers to innovate and meet demand. Here what industry expert Chris Hunrath has to share, from general guidelines for designing circuits unique for flex and materials that can be autoclaved over and over. Listen in to this week’s OnTrack expert to learn about flex and material sets.


Show Highlights:

  • Medical applications (i.e. instruments for surgery), automotive, aerospace, military
  • Foils - as you go thicker, its harder to make electrodeposited. More bend cycles out of rolled and yield
  • General Guidelines for designing circuits unique for flex: In general, avoid circuits making turns or bends in bend/flex area - don’t make the circuits go in different directions there and also avoid plated holes in those areas. From a stackup standpoint, balance the construction. Thinner is usually better. Look for opportunities for cracking at the bend point.
  • Cross hatch ground planes have multiple advantages.
  • Pyralux HT, DuPont - new product with unbelievable thermal performance. A continuous operating temperature. Imagine a flex circuit that can be autoclaved over and over.
  • We are a material sciences company. There are really unique ways to put these building blocks together.




Links and Resources:

Pyralux HT

Spread Glass Podcast


Bonus Resources Flex Glossary by DuPont:

Flex glossary, part 1 by Dupont

Flex glossary, part 2 by Dupont

Flex glossary, part 3 by Dupont

Flexible board types, by Dupont



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