An Altium Badge of Honor for PCB Engineering Service Bureaus

Masha Petrova
|  Created: February 4, 2021  |  Updated: February 11, 2021
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Engineering bureaus are essential to the electronics industry, ensuring high-quality contract work across a wide range of specialties. Altium has partnered with over 800 independent service bureaus over the years, elevating the quality of PCB design.

Engineering service companies and contractors using Altium typically provide engineering design services specializing in everything from electrical and mechanical design to signal and power integrity analysis, software development, mathematical modeling, and more. 

These companies have used Altium as a springboard for fostering a sense of community. Their collective efforts have effectively moved the electronics design industry forward, from the formation of Altium user groups to the development of new technologies. 

The largest Altium user group in North America is located in Northern Utah. The group is affiliated with VPI Technology Group, a premiere provider of PCB layout and design services, led by Kelly Wigington, Director of the PCB Department at VPI.

As Wigington explains, “We’ve built a community that includes individual consultants, engineers at large companies, and academics. The users can get out of the office, get a nice lunch and learn from each other, network, and even find new job opportunities; for the companies, it’s great for marketing as well as to connect with engineers in a relaxed, fun environment.” 

Using Altium software also helps engineering service and design companies to instill confidence in potential customers and clients. 

Automation Research Group, a Philadelphia-based engineering and design company, relies on Altium software for all of their projects. Founder Madhu Annapragada was an early adopter of Altium Designer, which has been instrumental to his company in coalescing client requests—including ones sketched out on cocktail napkins; and Altium 365 has helped his team to build trust with his clients at all points of the design process.  

 As Annapragada explains, “We just add customers as team members to an Altium 365 workspace, so they can see as the project progresses. They see the boards taking shape and they can make comments; they get to look over our shoulders now, so they love it.”

Altium is now proud to further support engineering service companies by helping them showcase that they’re designing with the most widely used PCB design tool. New official “We Design with Altium” badges (which can be downloaded below) can be added to websites and online promotional materials.
To best reflect the breadth of the Altium’s engineering community, Altium is providing two official logo badges, one for the individual designers/consultants, “I Design with Altium”, and one for larger organizations, “We Design with Altium”.
AW Audio serves a range of clients in need of Audio Visual technology design services. AW’s clients needed to stay engaged in the oftentimes lengthy design process. Paul Payen de la Garanderie, Founder of AW Audio, quickly found with the addition of Altium 365, he could bring everyone onto the same page, from his customers to his component manufacturers.
“It’s magical for customers to see PCB designs come to life right in front of them; with Altium 365, people can really see how everything fits together as well as exactly where their designs are during the development stage,” Paul explains. 

The new badges give prospective customers the ability to know their projects are in good hands at a glance. The badges can be downloaded free of charge below in PNG, esp, and SVG formats!

Click to Download “We Design” badge files. 

Click to Download “I Design” badge files.

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About Author

About Author

Masha Petrova is a VP of Brand Marketing at Altium.  She has a passion for bridging the communication gap between business leaders, developers and customers. After receiving her PhD in aerospace engineering from UC San Diego, she spent 15+ years in hi tech and engineering software industries.

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