Intro to Altium Designer Evaluation [Videos]

Created: October 12, 2017
Updated: March 16, 2020

getting started with altium designer is easy as pushing a button



We often see that the tendency with evaluators is to jump right in with both feet using their experience as a guide to evaluation. However, we highly recommend that you use this guide as Altium Designer has a fundamentally different approach to PCB design than anything else in the market.


From concept to manufacture, your design process is a series of distinct stages and Altium Designer allows these stages to remain consistent and connected freeing you up to focus on the actual design activities themselves. By following the interactive videos in the guide, we will take you from our user interface fundamentals to choosing a library strategy all the way to the end of your design journey with the powerful release management tools in Altium Designer.


Get started now with our Evaluation Guide Introduction Video.


Once you’ve got Altium Designer installed, head on over to the next lesson to continue your Design Quest journey.


  1. Projects and Environment

  2. Working with Schematics

  3. Libraries and Components

  4. PCB Preparation and Design Transfer

  5. PCB Workspace and Grid

  6. Design Rules, Placement, and Routing

  7. Project Outputs


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