Altium Launches Refer-a-Friend Rewards Program

Created: July 1, 2020
Updated: February 6, 2021
Altium Launches Refer-a-Friend Rewards Program

Way back in the summer of 2020, we ran a survey on the Altium Designer home page for a few months. The survey asked Altium Designer users, "How likely are you to recommend Altium Designer to friends and colleagues?" (with ten meaning extremely likely). The vast majority of users responded with 9 and 10. 

We were pretty overwhelmed by this positive feedback. Thank you to all who participated. 

We want to do more to say thank you to customers who use and recommend our products and services, so we decided to launch a referral program to reward you for what you already do—refer new designers to Altium. 

Participation in the Altium referral program is easy. Every customer is assigned a unique referral link, which you can find on the Altium Designer homepage or this page. In both cases, please make sure you first log into your AltiumLive account. After you get this link, share the link with your network. If someone purchases an Altium Designer license or subscription online using your link, we will send both of you a $200 gift card (or equivalent in local currency). 

Only customers with an active subscription are eligible to participate as referrers because we want the endorsement to come from current users of our software. We value your opinion and appreciate that you take the time to recommend Altium Designer based on your real-life experience with our product. 

From Switzerland to South Korea to Australia, customers from all over the world have already started taking advantage of this program, and the first gift cards are on their way to the lucky owners. You can be the next recipient! Just log in, or go to this page and learn how to generate your unique referral code to get started.

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