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Altium 365 + Altium Designer 20.1 Released Today - Work from Anywhere, Connect with Anyone

Lawrence Romine
|  Created: May 1, 2020  |  Updated: June 14, 2020

Altium 365 is the world’s only cloud platform for printed circuit board design and realization. Seamlessly accessible from Altium Designer 19 (and up), it provides the most connected experience with Altium Designer 20.1. 

Altium 365 and Altium Designer 20.1 - now available

Altium 365 creates seamless collaboration points across the entire PCB development process, making it the most connected design experience in the industry. Altium Designer users do not have to change the way they work today to take advantage of Altium 365 - it complements and extends what they already do, making the parts that are hard (such as collaboration, sharing, and organizing designs and data) easy.

For current Altium Designer users on Altium subscription, Altium 365 Standard will be available at no additional charge. Customers without subscriptions (with perpetual Altium Designer licenses) will have the option to upgrade to Altium 365 subscription plans.

Why Choose Altium Designer with Altium 365?

Altium 365 allows users to:

Securely share PCB designs with internal and external stakeholders with a simple web link, where they can view and comment on the design via a web browser on any platform (Mac, Windows, Android or iOS) and any device (desktop or mobile), or in Altium Designer itself if permission is granted.

Communicate true design intent early and collaboratively through commenting, co-creation and 3D visualization of PCB designs.  With one click on the correct revision, the right CAM data can be shared and tracked simply and efficiently.

Conduct more effective Design Reviews by allowing users to highlight and mark-up a specific component or area, on a schematic or layout. Internal / external stakeholders - like managers, other designers, or part suppliers - can comment and mark-up designs simultaneously (much like a collaboration on a google document). 

Collaborate with multiple designers. The web browser platform simplifies how designs are visualized and marked up, while allowing other designers to connect to the same PCB design with Altium Designer to author changes - all while keeping designs under control with built-in version control

Co-design with Mechanical designers. Electrical and mechanical engineers can push and pull design data backwards and forwards in real-time, with each being notified when changes occur. Preview changes and decide which ones to accept or reject to simplify collaboration. Altium 365 provides native integration between electronic and mechanical domains through a built-in co-designer capability with PTC CreoTM, Dassault SolidWorks®, and Autodesk Inventor®.

Reduce miscommunication and re-design iterations with manufacturing. Compress design cycles with the capability to create formal atomic design releases, ensuring a coherent set of manufacturing data. Create a manufacturing package that can be bundled up according to the needs of your specific manufacturing partner.

Learn more about Altium Designer + Altium 365

Altium Designer 20.1 Installation

You can update your current installation through the Altium Designer update system ("Extensions and Updates") or install AD 20.1 and Altium NEXUS Client 3.1 from the Download section of the Altium website

Altium 365 is a platform providing access to many services and capabilities, so there is nothing for you to install! You can get a quick introduction that highlights the core aspects of Altium 365 here:

Release Notes

Please view the Release Notes on our documentation page to learn more: Altium Designer 20.1 Release Notes

Stay tuned for our next announcement blog on the Altium 365 Getting Started User Guide, coming soon!

About Author

About Author

EDA industry thought-leader and veteran expert at Altium, Lawrence is a firm believer that unified solutions are not just nice, but essential.

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