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Harness The Power of Multi-Board Design In Altium Designer

Created: September 26, 2023

Circuit boards rarely operate in isolation. Working with projects that house multiple board designs is a growing scenario in the electronics industry. You need to manage the whole system’s connections, resolve conflicts, and update system-child projects. You also need to manage board rotation, alignment, and fitting into enclosures. How do you conquer all of these challenges?

There exist several methods to establish the logical (schematic) framework of the system directly. However, incorporating the physical (PCB) designs introduces further complexities. This webinar will discuss how Altium Designer® can provide assistance in the creation and management of multi-board assemblies.

Harness The Power of Multi-Board Design In Altium Designer:

  • Board-to-board connectivity
  • Design change propagation
  • Moving and mating components
  • Multiboard net management

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