Revolutionizing PCB Design with Altium's 3D MID Tool

James Sweetlove
|  Created: December 8, 2023  |  Updated: January 29, 2024
Revolutionizing PCB Design with Altium's 3D MID Tool

Host Zach Peterson discusses 3D MID design with Altium's Jack Henriques and Harting's Michael Mross on the OnTrack Podcast. They explore MIDs' potential in industries like medical and automotive, highlighting Harting's expertise. The conversation delves into challenges in traditional design processes and introduces Altium's revolutionary 3D MID tool. Discover how this tool seamlessly integrates into Altium Designer, enabling users to design on 3D substrates effortlessly. Gain insights into market size, historical use cases, and the future of multi-layer 3D MIDs. Don't miss out on the transformative capabilities of 3D MID technology in PCB design—subscribe and stay on track with Altium's developments.

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Key Highlights:

  • Harting MID Functionality: Explore the unique features and applications of the Harting MID.
  • Exploring Three-Dimensional Systems: Delve into the significance of three-dimensional systems in MID design.
  • MID Use Cases Through Time: Understand the evolution of MIDs and their diverse applications.
  • 3D MID Tool Unveiled: Discover the features and integration of the 3D MID tool into Altium Designer.
  • Market Size and Future Developments: Gain insights into the MID market, awareness among big companies, and upcoming improvements. Stay informed about potential MCAD CoDesigner integration.



About Author

About Author

James Sweetlove is the Social Media Manager for Altium where he manages all social accounts and paid social advertising for Altium, as well as the Octopart and Nexar brands, as well as hosting the CTRL+Listen Podcast series. James comes from a background in government having worked as a commercial and legislative analyst in Australia before moving to the US and shifting into the digital marketing sector in 2020. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and History from USQ (Australia) and a post-graduate degree in political science from the University of Otago (New Zealand). Outside of Altium James manages a successful website, podcast and non-profit record label and lives in San Diego California.

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