The Evolution of Robotics: From Hobbyist, to BattleBots, to Saving Lives

Cam Collins
|  Created: April 25, 2024  |  Updated: May 14, 2024
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This blog is going to take you on a thrilling journey through the captivating evolution of robotics–from the humble beginnings of hobbyist projects to the adrenaline-pumping spectacle of competitive BattleBots.

The Early Days of Robotics and Hobbyist Projects

In the early days, robotics was a niche pursuit, with passionate hobbyists and researchers tinkering away to create simple robots capable of performing basic tasks. The idea of creating machines that can move, sense, and even think has always filled me with wonder and excitement. The endless possibilities of automation and artificial intelligence drove me to pursue a career in engineering and robotics, where I could bring these fantastical ideas to life.

The Rise of Robotics Competitions

As technology advanced, so did the popularity of robotics competitions. Events like the FIRST Robotics Competition and RoboCup brought together students and enthusiasts to showcase their creations and engage in friendly competition. It was through these events that a new generation of robotics enthusiasts was born.

BattleBots - The Ultimate Robot Showdown

Among all the robotics events, BattleBots emerged as a truly iconic phenomenon. This thrilling show brought together teams of engineers and enthusiasts to design and build destructive robots that engaged in fierce battles within an enclosed arena. The show's intense battles and dramatic moments catapulted robotics into the mainstream, captivating audiences worldwide.

The Engineering Behind BattleBots

Behind the spectacle of BattleBots lies meticulous engineering and design. Teams must face numerous challenges, from optimizing the weight-to-power ratio to ensuring the robot's robustness and reliability during brutal clashes. As my team, Ribbot, experienced firsthand, the key to success lies in constant iteration and improvement of our robot's design.

Robotics and Changing

Lives beyond the thrill of competition, robotics has the power to change lives in profound ways. From healthcare and assistive robotics to disaster relief and exploration, robots are increasingly playing a vital role in addressing real-world challenges. They can aid in medical procedures, assist individuals with disabilities, and even venture into dangerous environments to save lives.

As technology continues to advance, robotics will revolutionize industries, creating new job opportunities and reshaping the way we live and work. The future holds exciting possibilities, from autonomous vehicles that improve transportation to AI-powered robots that enhance manufacturing efficiency. The potential of robotics to make the world a better place is boundless.


From igniting the spark of curiosity in young minds to driving innovation across industries, the impact of robotics is set to be transformative. Let us embrace this thrilling journey together, fueled by passion and the desire to create a better, more automated world with endless possibilities.

About Author

About Author

Cam Collins is a Lead Mechanical Engineer at Team Ribbot, which embarked on the journey to the BattleBots arena. BattleBots is the world’s first daily robot-combat show known for its intense, fast-moving, family-friendly fights.

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