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March 29, 2019 Stephanie Hardman

Andy at AltiumLive

This week, we were so excited to see one of our own in I-Connect 007, Andy Johnson who was a big part of bringing the new Academic Program to fruition (check out the awesome video). It’s no surprise to us that so many talented young folks want to join the Altium team. We’re growing! And did you know that Altium Designer® software is the most popular EDA tool on the market? That’s right, and there are plenty of reasons why. So consider joining the team; check out the career section of our website to learn about our culture and open positions. Or reach out to someone on our Digital Team if you’d like to become a content contributor.   


The OnTrack Podcast with Judy Warner

This week on the OnTrack Podcast, Gerry Partida, Director of Engineering at Summit Interconnect Technologies joined us again to give us an inside view of what it takes to go from CAD to PCB. Check out his cheeky episode called, The Data You Give Me and What I Actually Do With It. His expertise in the matter is derived from a long career focused on high density interconnect, high speed digital, rigid-flex, flex and RF/microwave printed circuit board fabrication. Listen in and learn how to create a data package that will increase your reliability.

You can also listen to the podcast and catch up on previous episodes on any of your favorite podcast apps including Podbean and iTunes. Remember to subscribe and write a review if you like it! And if you can’t find us, let us know!


PCB Industry Expert Series on the PCB Design Blog

Check out the new content on the blog this week:


Altium Videos on YouTube

New this week in the Altium Designer Youtube Channel:


Call for Writers and Content Contributors

If you or someone you know has the expertise to contribute, please reach out and let us know. We would be delighted to connect and thank you in advance for your time.



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