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Max Seeley Industry Keynote: PCB Layout Starts in the Schematics

Max Seeley
|  Created: January 18, 2019  |  Updated: March 16, 2020

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The days of indecipherable schematics are over. By utilizing the features in Altium Designer, it is now possible to create simplified schematics that contain a wealth of information. Modern schematics serve as the single source of truth for an electrical design. Learn to utilize these tools coupled with best practices to create robust PCB layouts.


View Max Seeley's presentation slides:


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About Author

About Author

Max Seeley embarked on his career in electronic design in 2001. He has cultivated his expertise in high-speed electronics, signal and power integrity, robotics, and PCB design. Currently, he serves as Lead Electrical Engineer for the Digital Solutions Group, part of the Corporate Research Systems Lab at 3M, where he oversees the development of high-performance, small form factor electronics. Max is certified Advanced Interconnect Designer (CID+), Altium instructor, and Scrum Product Owner. He holds degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. He teaches classes at 3M on best practices with Altium Designer. He also speaks at conferences on high-speed design, signal integrity, and PCB design.

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