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Thomas Wischnack Industry Keynote: Troubleshooting Your Designs

Thomas Wischnack
|  Created: January 18, 2019  |  Updated: March 16, 2020

Table of Contents

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This presentation details the development of high reliability base materials for PCBs with a focus on thermal performance, reliability and signal integrity. Classification by application as a method of substrate selection will be explored. This methodology gives the designer the flexibility to select the appropriate substrate for an application without over engineering performance that is neither required nor can be afforded.

The presentation includes a straightforward guide to the PCB substrate manufacturing process emphasizing the impact of resin chemistry, material reinforcement and copper foil properties on substrate performance. 


View Thomas Wischnack's presentation slides and watch video clips below:


Thomas Wischnack on Common Pitfalls and Case Grounding


Thomas Wischnack on Copy and Paste Libraries


Thomas Wischnack on Connector Placement


Thomas Wischnack on Common Mode Chokes and Ground Layout


Thomas Wischnack on Filter Placement


Thomas Wischnack on Layer Stack



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About Author

About Author

Thomas Wischnack is often regarded as the “PCB Doctor”, diagnosing and treating today’s common design challenges. For 10 years he worked as senior developer for AST GmbH, a company specializing in automated guided vehicles. He developed a keen insight and intimate knowledge of system design, hardware development and software development. Since 2002, he has been at the helm of consumer electronics and project recovery for Porsche Engineering. As a senior authority in systems development, he has played a vital role in advancing infotainment electronics and automotive electronic control units. His most recent undertaking is the development of high powered charging infrastructures, pushing the boundaries of electromobility as we know it.

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