Auto-Interactive Routing

Created: January 8, 2018
Updated: March 20, 2020

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In the past, many PCB designers would shy away from using autorouters in their designs due to their penchant for difficult setups and questionable results. This led to many of us opting for manual hand routing to avoid the trouble and clean up.

However, recent developments in auto-routing technology have allowed for a lot of saved time and effort in your design process. While some of the more critical aspects of your design will still require manual routing, the ability to set the design rules the autorouter will use for your traces will save you the headache. 

Auto-interactive routing with Active Route will give you hand-routed looking results at auto routing speeds.

Click the PDF above to read more about Auto-Interactive Routing in this presentation. Or read the original, full-length content here: 


Check out the Auto-Interactive Routing Ebook for a more detailed and downloadable version of this material.

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