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Created: August 16, 2017
Updated: March 20, 2020

From the early days of printed circuit boards, the electronics industry has made huge strides in board materials, copper printing methods, miniaturization, rigid-flex, ELIC, EDA, and much more. Many of the devices we use in our homes, our vehicles, and in our workplaces would not be possible without this continuous evolution of PCB design and technology. The scope of creativity from individuals is unbounded. While the infrastructure for IoT can, and probably must, be designed and built by organizations, the applications for IoT will need to be realized through a network effect that enables creative individuals of all shapes and sizes to contribute. We hope to make PCB design accessible to electronics designers across the spectrum of design and development and enable the future of technology realization.

Join us as we explore topics in the IoT and PCB design, click the PDF above to read in your browser. 

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